“Let us make pregnancy an occasion when we appreciate our female bodies.”
– Merete Leonhardt-Lupa


I love the fine art feel with maternity portraits, something that shows off exactly how beautiful and magical your body is right now. We also include nice natural images that convey your special connection with your partner, your older children and your unborn baby.

We have a selection of maternity dresses and drapes on hand for you to use and you can choose to wear your own clothes, show as much or as little skin as you are comfortable with.

Enjoy a little pampering with complimentary professional hair and makeup.

Maternity portraits are one of those things you can’t go back and do later. After my first baby was born I instantly missed by baby belly, the perfect way to reminisce is with beautiful portraits.

Because we don’t want your new baby to miss out on the photo fun, your maternity portraits come with a complimentary newborn sitting.

Our maternity sessions take 1.5hrs + hair & makeup, people ask about the ideal time for a maternity session and I would usually recommend anytime after 34 weeks, however having said that, it is really up to you and how comfortable (or uncomfortable) you are feeling and if you are carrying very small and would like to wait a little longer or maybe carrying large and would like to get in a little earlier.

A perfect baby shower gift to a pregnant Perth friend, a surprise for your partner or a little something for yourself! Gift vouchers and payment plans are available.
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