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Jodie Craig, Perth professional newborn photographerMy name is Jodie and I am a Perth newborn photographer, I’m also the wife of Steven and mummy to Samantha May (10), Charlotte Eloise (8) and Ryder Mikhail (5); they are the inspiration behind Samantha May Photography.

I have had a love of both babies and photography for as long as I can remember. I was always trying getting my hands on Mum’s little film point & shoot camera and was fascinated by the Polaroid camera being flashed around at a family friends barbecue, all the while admiring any babies that I came into contact with secretly hoping their Mummies would offer me a hold.

I’m very sentimental and so of course still have the baby album my own parents put together for me after I was born, it was pulled out of it’s safe little spot in our house I’d say with-in days of bringing our first daughter home… once everyone knows the baby is born, it’s gender, name and birth weight the next question is… “so who does he/she look like?” do you have a baby photo of both your babies parents ready to compare? I’d love to produce the images your little one pulls out in 20 odd years to compare to their own new baby!

Your precious little bundles safety is as important to me as it is to you and I assure you that it is my main concern while working with you, if you see any photos in my galleries that you think look unsafe you can trust that they are images created with a parents hands either cloned out of the picture like magic or just out of the frame.

I always find myself admiring the photographs on display in peoples homes but love capturing the memories that will take pride of place on your walls; to be looked back on when your babies are getting married and starting their own families!

Thank you for visiting Samantha May Photography, I would love to meet and photograph your families newest edition!


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Our Family 2018
Photo by Anja McDonald

Our Family
Our Family 2016!
Photo by Erin Elizabeth Photography


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