My baby girl starts school and TWINS! {This weeks Sneak Peeks}

What a week we had!  I’m so glad I kept the week clear because following her very first haircut (not that there was very much cutting!) My big girl started kindy which was a little hard for the both of us, I missed my Sammy while she was off entering the big wide world, three and a half just feels SO young to be sending her off on the beginning of a LONG schooling journey!  I’m so glad she made some friends though because today when I dropped her off it was much easier to leave when I saw her happy and ready for me to wander off home without her.

On Sunday I spent some time with the very lovely Duong Family and their precious twin girls, Bella & Aliya. At eight week old they aren’t exactly newborns but they certainly slept like they were! As babies get older they become less “scrunchy” and far more aware which makes getting the curled up sleepy poses much more difficult and intact pretty impossible. The girls slept beautifully and while we didn’t get lots of curly poses you expect with newborn babies I do have lots of adorable images so stay tuned for more from them!!

The start of this week saw a couple of cancellations due to illness, which is a shame but the health of the babes is more important and sick bubs don’t photograph as happily as a healthy one. I will always re-schedule if either you, your children are unwell because I want your family to be comfortable during your session and I will also re-schedule if my children or myself are unwell as I’d hate to pass something onto you little family!

Next week we will be catching up with Charles again (can you believe it’s been another month already!!) and perhaps rebooking some little kiddies I’ve been waiting to meet.


Jodie x

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Newborn Photographer PerthI’m very excited to be introducing you to these adorable little eight week old twin girls! Meet Bella and Aliya.
The girls are eight weeks old already and according to mum have grown a whole bunch since birth. They were particularly obliging and slept beautifully for me much to my surprise… I honestly expected to photograph wide awake little girls!

Newborn Photographer Perth

My Sammy (Samantha May!) on her first day of school, time really does fly.

Newborn Photographer Perth


Newborn Photographer Perth

hehe cheeky girl

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