Birth – FAQ’s

Given I’m just getting started with birth photography I don’t have a list of questions I’m frequently asked… so please ask me anything you can think of, it will help me build up this list!
In the mean time here are a few things I thought you might like some answers to:


Why would I want birth photos?
On the day you made the netball grand final, on the day you graduated, went to the school ball, got married, there were most likely professional photographers there to capture those special memories for you. On the day you give birth (no matter how you do it) you are an absolute super woman! On what is really your most life changing day so far most of us are relying on our partner to wield their iPhone to capture the first moments of a new family.  Having a professional photographer with you allows your partner to be fully immersed in the experience with out the worry about having to get that photo or getting caught in the emotion and not getting any photos… and lets be honest worrying about the camera is not what they should be doing!

That sounds very nice but I don’t want photos of a baby coming out of me…
No problem! If you don’t want those crowning shots I respect that and will stay over your shoulder… your photos your choice and we will discuss that when we meet up at your pre-consult :o)

What if I go in to labour in the middle of the night?
RING me!  I’m on call 24 hours a day from your 38th week of pregnancy. 

What if I go into labour before 38 weeks?
RING Me! I might not be on call yet but there is still a good chance I can get there, if not I will call in another very lovely back up birth photographer.

What if my baby comes supers fast and you don’t make it in time?
Ohhh super fast babies… my sister was almost born in the carpark of Kalamunda Hospital! If I miss your birth because I simply couldn’t get there in time I will stay with you and document the hours after their birth… a super fast birth is still a part of their story!

What if you get stuck and can’t make it?
I have some very lovely birth photographer friends who I can call on as my back up, but then as soon as I can get there I will!

What if I need a C-Section?
Birth photographers being allowed into the operating theatre is unfortunately completely out of my control. Sometimes it’s allowed and sometimes it’s not, you will need to discuss this with your care provider. If I’m allowed in, thats totally awesome! if not I will stay and document what happens outside that room, I can send a camera in with your birth partner or maybe even another midwife with a crash course in using it!

When do I ring you?
If you are having niggles, if your care provider suggests it could be soon, anything, just pop me a text to keep me up to date, if you are in labour or heading to hospital give me a call and let me know, then when you are in established labour call again and I’ll be on my way! (I require 2 hours notice to allow for traffic, childcare etc) 

But this is not my first baby…
Ring me as soon as something happens!

I’m planning a home birth, what if I have to transfer to hospital?
I will follow you there unless told not to.

If there is anything you would like to know that I haven’t listed please ask!

Now, how do you book?
Yay! I’m so excited to hear from you!!  Right this way and don’t forget to let me know you estimated due date :o)