Sue, Dawn and Alan {Family}

Don’t dwell on the disease.
Value the moments, the pearls of wisdom,
their smile and humour.

Sue, her daughter Dawn and son-in-law Alan.
This is my husbands Granny, she is heading towards 90 and sadly her mind is failing her, however, I think these show she still has a cheeky streak there. 

A little something for Aunty Dawn to take home to England, I know it’s tough for her to head home leaving behind her mum uncertain about when she will get to see her next.
A beautiful reminder to get in the photo with your family, it’s something they will treasure long after you are gone!
Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia black and white portrait of granny Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia colour portrait of granny Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia cheeky portrait of granny mother and daughter portrait mother and daughter with son in law mother and daughter hugging husband and wife portrait

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