Health & Safety

The health & safety of all of our clients is very important to us. We have a few things in place as our standard procedure to ensure all of our families are protected as best as possible.

Little Hands.
Little inquisitive toddler hands are super cute but the studio can be a dangerous place if they are free to wander, your little ones are absolutely welcome in the studio I just ask that they always be closely supervised.

Studio Cleaning.

Our studio, kitchen and bathroom is always cleaned right before you arrive to your portrait sitting.


Washing all Fabrics.

All of the fabrics we use during a portrait sitting are laundered before our next clients arrival. You can trust that your precious little newborn is surrounded by clean wraps, cloths and blankets.

Hand Hygiene.

We keep our hands clean & sanitised before, during and after your session. Soap and hand sanitiser are available for everyones use.


One Baby a Day.We only photograph one baby a day, not only does it mean no one is rushed but it also allows us to ensure all fabrics and surfaces are cleaned and dried between each family.



We never photograph your family when we are unwell or if our direct family members are either. We ask that if any of your family members are unwell you notify us.


For your peace of mind we advise that Jodie is up to date with vaccinations and immunizations, including Whooping Cough and Influenza.

Covid – Infection Control.

If you or anyone in your portrait session show symptoms of Covid19 or have been in close contact with someone who does please notify us.Jodie has completed the Australian Governments Infection Control Training – Covid19.