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and tonight i’ll fall asleep with you in my heart – unknown

Beautiful Tori is a paediatric nurse and is expecting her very own baby.  Her maternity photographs were taken while Tori was thirty four weeks pregnant and just starting maternity leave, a  gorgeous pregnant lady and she is so close to meeting her little man! I’m looking forward to hearing that he has arrive safely… enjoy those precious newborn snuggles Tori!

I was lying in the bath the other night, alone (which NEVER happens) remembering how my babies loved to roll about in my belly while I was pregnant. The kicks, pushes and rolls really are an amazing part of pregnancy, the constant reminder that some thing particularly special is happening right there within you and it is something that I instantly missed after each of my three babies were born.
If you are in to the last stages of pregnancy and feeling “over it” just close your eyes and savour those kicks, stretches and rolls, there really is no feeling like it!

Baby bumps and the ladies creating them are so beautiful, Do you love your bump? Please contact me for more information about our maternity portraits!

sleeping pregnant lady lying on side pregnant lady profile black and white pregnant lady sitting colour portrait elegant black and white maternity portrait pregnant lady purple maternity gown gritty black and white maternity photo

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