Samuel {Newborn}

“Sometimes the most shocking surprises are also the most beautiful surprises.”
-Lori Wilhite

Just imagine the most wonderful surprise Christmas gift… that is exactly what baby Samuel here was.
I was so amazed by Samuel’s birth story… His mum Taylor had thought she had an upset tummy, but then it became more than that (as progressing in labour does!) the ambulance crew were called and it was until then that the possibility of pregnancy was considered! They let her know that she was infact about to give birth!
Taylor made it to the hospital just in time for this adorable little guy to come meet his Mummy & Daddy!

It’s so hard to imaging waking up one morning to your normal day and going to sleep that night with a newborn in your arms that you had no idea you were pregnant with. It’s something you hear about but unless it happens to you, just can’t imagine it! It is Taylor and Williams first baby, imagine starting from absolute scratch… opps we can’t even go home until we get a car seat! Blows my mind, how amazing right?

Samuel here was a bit older than most of the newborn’s that come to visit for their photos simply because he was a surprise baby and would take some getting used to before you even consider newborn portraits!

You can find Samuel’s slideshow here and if you are expecting a baby soon please contact me here or to find out about our pricing click here.   I’d love to hear if you’ve had a surprise baby too!
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