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When I was around about 10 I remember my best friend (hey Tori!) was the only person I knew with this fantastical thing called “the world wide web”. Her step dad was into IT, had his own business repairing computers (from memory he may have supplied us with our first or second computer!) and had this fascinating thing at his finger tips that would eventually do away with those ex’y multi-set CD’s of wisdom… Encarter.  There was a Chat room we played around in… I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called but your 3D (orange?) figure floated down into the chat “world” as you logged in, where we bumped into strangers whose “chat” displayed as text above their little heads and cheerfully spread some Aussie clichés to people on the other side of the world.   All a bit of harmless fun really. (If you know the name of this chat room please leave me a comment… It’s going to bug me until I find out!)

The internet has since become something so huge in fairly recent history that it hurts my head a bit to think too deeply about it haha!
In this modern day the use of the internet for marketing small business such as mine proves to be a very valuable tool, after all, here you are reading this online on my very own little patch of Internet at what is a very minimal cost to me, but at the same time sharing your families and children online has become something we are all rightfully wary of.

Recently I have noticed a sharp increase in the number of my clients requesting that I don’t share their sneak peeks, images and slideshows online, that always makes me just a little sad because it’s so much harder to gage your reaction to that first peek BUT Samantha May Photography completely respects and honours your decision not to share your images online.

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You also have an option to select only non identifying images to share, so you can still show off a little of your beautiful newborns photoshoot, for example an irresistible little shot of toes, fingers or eye lashes. These are something we give you the option of selecting at the time of your shoot and you are very welcome to approve the image before use.

Each of our clients signs a contract protecting both of our rights and internet use is a clause we are willing to be flexible with. If you don’t want us to share your images online we won’t. Simple. 🙂

So if you are looking for a newborn photographer in Perth who honours your choice to not share your images online, then you have found her right here 🙂  please contact me for more information!

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(the images used in this post are used WITH permission to share online 🙂 )


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