Is your selfie worth your life?

Horseshoe bend, USA

Aside from being there at not the ideal time of day… a beautiful spot! Photo taken on the platform.

While holidaying the US earlier this year, we visited Horseshoe Bend. A beautiful canyon that looks like you are viewing it through a fish eye lens, super cool!

They have this brand new viewing platform in the perfect spot to get the very best angle and so really the perfect photo point. As you can see below lots of people were there!

The perfectly placed viewing deck

My anxiety was through the roof… you try taking a 3 year old to what is essentially a cliff face! Thankfully he cared not a bit about the view and just wanted to climb around the rocks on the well worn path back up to the carpark, so we (I was travelling with more family) took turns in looking after him while others had a look and took photos.

Ryder, enjoying the path!

While there I found myself people watching more than enjoying the view… 

You see despite the perfectly placed platform with the safety railing, people were climbing all over the place, passing right by the warning signs so they could take their selfies  and posing for their friends, in way more dangerous spots with less of an ideal view!  CRAZY.  You can not see what is underneath you while at the edge… there could be almost nothing holding up a little overhang you happen to be standing on (more signs warn you of that!), or a gust of wind… or like the lady in South Africa last week who while posing for a birthday photo on the edge of  cliff slipped and lost her life. Article HERE It was her that prompted me to write this post because it was the same thing… she was over the safety rail (according to reports) and thought she would be fine, if you were to ask her husband do you think that the photo he was taking was worth it? I would bet not.

Please; please; think about your safety and the safety of others while you are getting a photo! Stay away from the edge, stay on the path, don’t trash the bridal dress in the ocean or a waterfall… just be sensible because that photo isn’t likely to get you fame in a good way!


See the sign… Don’t be these people!

Or these people!!


All of the images in the post were taken on my iPhone, because while I obviously believe photos are very important, being in the moment is also important and I’m not a landscape photographer so I’ll buy the landscape from someone who specialises in it and carry my point and shoot and phone in my pocket 🙂

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